A Diagnostic Tool For Your Filing Cabinets

Alex Saladna

It is easy to justify routine oil changes, tire rotations, and other forms of maintenance. The end goal of preventative maintenance is to avoid unnecessary damages that can cost thousands. What if you could do the same for your company's financials?

WickedFile Store Makes Diagnosing Your Backoffice Easy

Customers are not only using WickedFile Store to digitalize their documents but to also save thousands in lost profit while eliminating time-consuming tasks. Below are a few examples observed so far.

  • Shop Managers and Bookkeepers have reported a 90% reduction in the time taken to search for files.
  • A WickedFile customer uncovered $2000 worth of duplicate line items from a major parts vendor, on a single statement! WickedFile only matches your invoices to one statement and eliminates the need to compare multiple statements.
  • Uncredited returns are easier than ever to validate. Whether it is a faulty part or a returned core, WickedFile helps customers validate their returns by comparing them to both credit memos and statements in seconds. We estimate shops can easily lose thousands of dollars each year to missing vendor return credits.

Similar to cars, shops come in different shapes and sizes, but proper maintenance is still crucial.

Whether you are just getting started or you have multiple shops, every owner will agree that shops must maximize every dollar spent. WickedFile's goal is to do exactly this. Our co-founder (a shop owner for 40+ years) understood the pressure owners have in growing a business. He wanted a solution that would encourage a shop's financials and growth remained in sync.

“My idea for WickedFile came after I had over $180,000 stolen from me. I was amazed to see how easy it was for this to happen as our business grew. However, the part that amazed me the most was that I was not the only owner who had faced this issue...”

We have seen many shop owners feel overwhelmed when trying to balance customer growth, hiring in a tight labor market, and tracking their overall profitability. We believe our solution can impact many of these challenges and allow shop owners and bookkeepers to get real-time insights into their business.

  • Growth: Car count is often the key metric every shop looks at each month. It is easy to equate this to growth, but we have found that it does not always directly correlate with profits. The missing piece in this equation is a healthy margin. Between 2019-2021 we saw an 11.46% increase in parts costs. Protecting your margins is more important than ever, and insights into your transactions are key.

  • Hiring: Every shop needs experienced talent but the cost is often daunting for new and established shops. By capturing lost profits, owners can budget for greater talent and bring a positive impact to both shop managers and less experienced technicians as well.

  • Consistent Insights: More accessible financials means productivity is no longer limited to the office. Financial insights and improvements can be real time instead of being limited to monthly or annual reviews.

Accessibility = Profitability

Owners and bookkeepers with immediate access to their documents result in greater alignment while reducing the amount of time spent on repetitive bookkeeping tasks. This means greater time can now be spent on value-driving activities like negotiating contracts for greater discounts or advertising your business.

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Alex Saladna