More Parts, Less Strings

WickedFile drives profit for your business by finding charges attached to your invoices. In minutes, sift through shipping, tax, and fees to verify your additional costs.

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Clarity in every purchase.

WickedFile automatically inspects each document for additional costs added. With built-in workflows you can easily flip through your shipping, tax, and fees to understand your spend.


Drive Profit

Identify shipping, tax, and fees that require review using WickedFile's streamlined workflow.


Save Time

Immediately see a list of your shipping, tax, and fees. WickedFile sifts through thousands of documents for you.


Work Closer with Vendors

Using WickedFile, customers grow closer with their vendors and engage with them more to increase the mutual value of their relationship.


Plan Your Business

By having easy access to your fees, customers can begin to understand how to reduce costs by buying in larger quantities, ordering from closer vendors, or other methods.


Send Documents to Vendors

WickedFile allows users to download lists of documents as a CSV or download invoices from WickedFile's cloud.