Find Lost Returns
and Validate Purchases

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No Templates Required

Power Your Documents with AI. From contracts to invoices, WickedFile uses OCR and AI to make your documents easily searchable and match your financial documents.

Find Uncredited Returns

With One-Click. Match your credit memos to your return receipts and find owed returns in seconds.

Download. Download any document from WickedFile and easily send it to a outside vendor.


Verify your Statements with AI

Match Statement Line-Items Easily. Let our AI driven solution manage the time-consuming task of sifting through stacks of invoices and returns. With one-click WickedFile will go through thousands of uploaded documents and attempt to match every statement line-item to the correct invoice or return.

Never leave home without your files again.

Store your documents so they are accessible and secure.

Data Collection

No document templates needed

Robust machine learning that improves with more scans

Accurate data collection

Windows, linux, and mac supported


Fast and scalable storage


Cloud based (no on-prem storage needed)


256-bit encryption at rest

256-bit encryption in transit

Unique access key

Your customer data is never mixed with other customers


Share documents with email

Audit or consultant guest access

Text based searching

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